New Beginning

by Human Waste Disposal Unit

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william remington
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william remington Wow, just wow. No other euphemism comes close at the moment. Favorite track: Collateral Hourglass.
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Henri Hänninen: vocals&bass
Matti Nuutinen: guitar&roaring
Erkka Närhi: drums
Erno Närhi: guitar&vocals

Lyrics/arranged/composed: Human Waste Disposal Unit
Recording: Juha-Matti Koppelomäki, Fantom Studio
Mixed: Juha-Matti Koppelomäki
Mastered: Virtalähde Mastering
Production: Human Waste Disposal Unit
Digipak artwork: Verneri Laari, Henri Aleksi Hänninen


released February 16, 2013

Thanks to Juha-Matti 'Velho' Koppelomäki, Samu Oittinen, Jaakko Viitalähde, Verneri Laari, Masi Pisto, Salla Jaatinen, Joona Teittinen, Pauli Nurmi, bands who have tour with us, people who came to see our shows, friends and families.



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Human Waste Disposal Unit Vesanto, Finland

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Track Name: Realm of Sorrow
Verse 1
You know you are right
and you say it out loud
I wish you´d be wrong
But my flaws are indisputable
Why should we bother
even to recover
when we got nothing to retain
or to rescue

This is me!
Take it or leave it
You´d better to find someone
who could be at least half of it
Without hesitation
you made your solution
Your absence causes collapse
but sometimes
it´s better to suffer

I tried to hide my demons from you so that you could not see
I can´t resist the sirens´ calling echoes from distance

Too many times I tried to tear myself apart
to give everybody a little fraction of me
Too many times I tried to medicate myself
with this state where truth clashes with fantasy

I don´t know how far I´ve come
I can´t remember where I´ve been
I think I need someone to tell where to go
Beyond the realm of sorrow - a new tomorrow
Track Name: For the Losers
Verse 1
If you lost direction
you´ve been walking
someone will always
tell you to be more careful
If you chose wrong
someone will always
come and tell
what you should have done

If you felt happy
someone will always
remember things
you should have grieve for
If you did your best
Someone will always
claim that you
have not done enough

You are nothing
You are nothing

I feel it in my bones
Put my fingers crossed
He´s searching the way out of here
The clock is ticking inside the shell

Verse 2
Draw a line to the ground
someone will always
come and forbid
you to cross it
Useless to build
a castle of sand
someone will always come
to kick it down

Hope for the best
someone will always
remind you
of the worst
Try your wings
someone will
always come
to drag you down

There will never be one right answer
There will never be only one right time or way
Do you really believe what they are saying?
All in all they are just a bunch of losers

They know nothing
They know nothing
Track Name: Sad Clown
Verse 1
Sad clown, a tear
drawn below the eye
Sad clown, a twisted grin
painted on his face

No one cares after the jokes are told
No one cares after the tricks are shown
Let´s take one cup of sorrow
What the hell, give him the whole bottle

Verse 2
Sad clown, a fool of life
No car, flat or a wife
Sad clown, no place to hide
Not a change to remove the mask
Track Name: Monochromatic Soul
Verse 1
This feeling has no name
The walls are breathing in and out
I try to adjust the frame
But my world keeps turning inside out

Pre-Chorus 1
Years corroded remembrance
And I forgot my reason to be
Afraid to create a glance
At the shattered side of me

Alone with my mind
There is none of a kind
Despair is here to stay
Misery is the only way

Distorted sound of reason
White noise surrounding
Static kills the signal
In search for the right frequency

Verse 2
The pieces of puzzle are all set
but the picture seems unclear
The answer beyond is incorrect
It´s the reflection of your fear

Pre-Chorus 2
Monochromatic soul
Travesty of man
Painter with empty canvas
Different shades of black
Absorbing all the light
Pain never delivers
Track Name: Cycles
Verse 1
Expectation, failure
Time out, atonement
The same cycle starts over again
Uphill, downhill
Scorcher, downshift
Crossroads in sight

I see red every day
Is it some kind of disease or
is it just me?

It’s always the same
The same cycle
It’s always the same
Same fucking cycle

You´ve wasted so many years
by waiting in vain
Did you spend your whole life
just to become insane? – insane!

You’ll never find a appropriate time
You’ll never know when the time is right

Verse 2
Crest of a wave
Riptide, vortex
Light of a beacon fading
Lifeboat saves us from drowning
Departure, liftoff
Where is your parachute?
No perfect landing

Pre-Chorus 1
I see red every day
I hit my head against the wall
Until I see black

You´ve wasted so many years
By waiting in vain
Did you spend your whole life
just to become insane?


Pre-Chorus 2
In your darkest hour
You are dead inside
But nevertheless alive
The same cycle starts over again

In your darkest hour
Just a hollow shell
Without any glow
The same cycle starts over again!
Track Name: Tyrants
Blood-red sky, events in horizon
Bombers carving slashes to the clouds
Colony of fire ants marching
This is not a drill
Run to the hills and see
Battle ships on a bay
Gun towers headed towards
Something is happening

No tyrant takes
Any grip of my wealth
One grain of sand
Is enough to break the cogwheels
You took the power
You took the lives
Now I´m taking back
What is mine

Shotgun on a shoulder
Pocket full of shells
Dark ages ahead
There´s no cavalry to come

Finally, after the sunset
It is time to step
from the hide
to the streets
Mr. Molotov serving drinks
Track Name: Collateral Hourglass
Verse 1
Sand flow dries up so slowly
Long road ahead before
I see morning shine spark
Teller turns page
A new way to hollow
Laughing faces tell me
Which way to follow

See that light in the end
Stairways last forever
Seconds in unreal circles
Are years in sleepwalkers time

Things why you should be sorry
Won’t harm and cause no worries
Tidal wave sweeps your conception anew

Verse 2
Five years past I open my eyes and realise
it’s still the same god damn nighttime
Pictures from dreams fall to oblivion
Same faces show up here I go again

Day or night, how do I recognise
When I sleep, I’m awake at the otherside
Same circle over and over again
Sandman is messing with my mind
I’m soaring stage to another
Trying to reach back to the light
Track Name: Mechanical Sunrise
Verse 1
Every morning, a mechanical sunrise
Someone pulls up the sun like flag
You know it´s a lie
but still you enjoy the show
Two times a week,
always at the same time
you can feel the soothing rain
You know it´s a lie

Chorus 1
Oh father could you tell me again how you hijacked the sun
and stole the X-rays
Tell me again how you learned to control the waves
and tell me ancestors were real

Verse 2
I couldn´t care less about the preaching of lightbulb fraud
The sun is replaceable, the sun is disposable
Same cycle starts to roll over and over again
I couldn´t care less because we are all artificial and fake

A new day breaks
Today´s color seems to be blue
The illusion is efficient
You know it´s a lie
Every morning you take your)
own medical sunrise
The day will be brighter now
You know it´s a lie
but it´s allright now

Chorus 2
Endless rat race with relentless pace
Can we keep up with the progression
´cause there´s no place for the regression
Can you dig it? Or do you even care?
Track Name: Burning Flags
Verse 1
Needless to say
We´re easily led astray
Distracted by scandal headlines
when the swines take a bath with wines
People always made to pay
Pleasures in the house of decay
Distracted by columns of claptrap
when the swines take a tighter grab

Relentless is the greed
These are the bastards´ deeds

Chorus 1
With the sound of evil laughter
We are pissed straight into the eyes
Smiling faces receive the message
They never mind the burning in eyes

Verse 2
Speak less and confess
This isn´t how the things should be
Unless you want to see
The flag of yours is burning
Speak less and confess
This isn´t how the things should be
Unless you want to see
The luck of yours is turning

Never bite the hand that feeds
The biggest lie ever indeed

Promises of better tomorrow
Are said only to delay

Chorus 2
Relentless is the greed
These are the bastards´ deeds
Never bite the hand that feeds
The biggest lie ever indeed
Track Name: New Beginning
Verse 1
I try to clarify my current state of mind
With this song of sorrow
Flame of the candle on a window ledge
The heart is burning
The shadows are trying to catch each other
I´m staring at the ceiling

Chorus 1
The fire inside scorches my soul
Thoughts of death are present every day
Inner struggle to face with
I have not begun to fight

Verse 2
It will probably be the hardest decision I will ever make
Don´t mean to hurt but it´s better to let myself go

I know I am making a big mistake and I will regret
I know I am making a big mistake - Please don´t follow

Chorus 2
Black clouds are coming down like everyone of us
Look at me now the outcome I wanted

Sometimes you just need to be left outside to feel the rain
So purifying the air is full of oxygen

All I wanted to reach for perfection
Is this the end of everything or a new beginning?